About Delamortia

Sporting vampy lipsticks in the heat of summer while being caught photographing bony trees and drying flowers

About Me

I was born with a different name, but I’ve always made up names for myself. For the past year (perhaps) it’s been Augusta Dtia (the shortened form of Delamortia), so we will see when it will change. There’s nothing much to say about myself apart from being a smart-ass, witty and have a twisted sense of humor but deep inside utterly emotional. I’m known to be laughing when nobody else is, so that’s pretty much it. I’ve officially become a mid-twenty person and this milestone has brought significant changes especially in not being able to be still anymore, I need some motions. Anyway, there are a few things that I like:

Books: all the Jane Austen novels please, classic novels and Tracy Chevalier’s Girl With A Pearl Earring that I’ve read for at least a dozen times.

Movies: Lord of the Rings, Léon – The Professional and those mind-twisting ones (I’m looking at you, Predestination).

Music: well, it’s a diversity y’all, but my undying love for Tarja Turunen is undeniable (gosh I love her, that’s why I’ve been secretly trying to train my voice to obtain that high notes) and I always have quite a soft spot for Beyoncé (listening to Lemonade as typing this).

Other excitements: buy all the things in the world aka collecting lipsticks. I have almost a hundred now, but so what? I also find great fun in doing makeup on myself and others, and give all the advice I can to people in need whenever they think about buying makeup and clothing items. My dream would be a personal shopper or makeup artist, ya know? I also love tattoos and already have the definite ideas of what I want to ink on myself, but haven’t taken the plunge yet. One day, baby, one day (soon, I hope). Almost forgot: read various Wikipedia articles and movies’ trivias are my jam.

The blog

It in fact has been revamped twice in the sense that I deleted all the old posts and started all over again, mostly to erase the past events that I wanted to forget. This time it’s no difference but I decide to have a little upgrade in content: instead of only blah-ing about my experiences and daily occurrences, I will try to motivate myself through my own writing, and throw in a mix of things I love, too. It’s a bit of everything that revolve around me (a Bullet For My Valentine reference, get it get it?). It’s definitely not for kids since there’s a shitload of swear words, ya hear me.


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