In The Quest Of Being Beautiful

Seriously, the answer (or the pot at the end of the rainbow) is that simple: GIVE FEWER FUCKS. Who really pays attention to your look (only if you’re working in the beauty-related industry)? Maybe they do, but only for a split second, it’s only you who care and like me, constantly glance at the mirror to see whether the lipstick I put on earlier in the morning has at all feathered outside the lip lines.


However, being a devoted reader of Into The Gloss, I’m pretending to be featured in their #topshelf or #topshelfie and share my complete and honest beauty routine that I struggle to keep up with most of the time. I like to be presentable in the sense that I appear to be healthy and well put together, not necessarily a full face of beat makeup, so I’m always in for a little effortless approach when it comes to beauty (or it’s just my laziness, don’t lie no mo).


My morning starts with cleansing my face with whatever cleanser I have in my rotation, but the one I adore is the Vichy Purifying Deep Cleansing Gel followed by a slick of Rosebud Perfume Salve on my lips. On the days I’m extra good with myself I will apply a little sunscreen, the Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Moisture Milk because it’s not at all greasy – in fact it feels a little mattifying, which I like for my already oily skin.

I commute to work on my motorbike so I don’t risk putting on any makeup only to attract dust and pollution, I would rather have a bare face (minus the brows – it takes all the calmness I can gather to fill them in how I want) then jump quickly to the bathroom at work and use a little Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water that surprising smells so much like my Thierry Mugler Alien. I will then put a little moisturizer on, lately it’s been the Garnier Moisture + Matte one that does zero in mattifying, but it feels great as smoothing onto the face (I suspect a big dose of silicone here).

During the day I will religiously put on hand cream, whether it’s the Yves Rocher Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream or or the 3W Clinic Lemon one and spritz on some Caudalie Grape Water that I always joke as Rape Water (I have a twisted mind) or The Face Shop Jeju Pure Water Facial Mist which smells amazingly fresh. I don’t know if facial mists do anything to my skin, but I like being extra. Oh lately I have tried to use eye cream and my first experiment is the Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm, but the same sentiment with the facial sprays it is again. It’s super thin, not at all balm like, but again I’ve been just using for a couple of days so I can’t say much about its power.

My nighttime skin care routine is quite simple due to my utter laziness. At night after once again cleansing my skin with the Garnier Micellar Water and washing my face, I tone with the Muji Light Toning Water that is basically nothing, followed up by a few drops of It’s Skin VC Effector which is basically a vitamin C serum, then a thin layer of either Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel or Simple Light Moisturizer. Whatever left I pat under my eyes for a bit of hydration. Once a week I will do a bit of exfoliation with the abhorred St.Ives Apricot Scrub or the Garnier  Energizing Gel Scrub that smells like citrus and some mask with Freeman Acai Purifying Clay Mask. I cannot go to sleep without coating my lips with the Rosebud salve or the ever famous Nuxe Rêve de Miel lipbalm.


img_6868If there’s one thing I can’t live without, it’s a bold lip. I’ve been spotted wearing reds for years so it’s kinda like my signature. I used to be super intimidated by the thought of having bright red lips on, but to hell with that. I love embracing a moisturized face with a little brows (my pencil of choice is The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow in Gray Brown) and bold lips.

I’ve been utterly obsessed with the Peripera Peri’s Ink Velvet and Peri’s Ink Stick Matte. The velvet one is impressively staining (it stays and stays until you shout at it to go away – but it won’t. I have found a good way to combat with it is to use an oil-based makeup remover, then never mind the rest and put a thick layer of lip balm on. In the morning use a damp cloth to buff away any dead skin together with the stain). The stick ones are like the traditional matte lipsticks but very smooth and nondrying. If I’m not in the mood for mattes, I will use a little Karadium Pucca Edition lipstick that is fully opaque but very moisturizing. It’s called Rosy Kiss but it’s a total neutral, slightly deep red.

On days I prefer being glossy, Aritaum Color Lasting Tints are my faves, they are like gloss but thicker and has surprising staining power as well. I touch up my lip color at least 3 times a day and sometimes even change colors throughout the day but I always have a thing for lipsticks that last, or probably I’m just strange. When I’m fancy I will use a little LA Girl Pro Conceal concealer under my eyes and around my nose and a bit on my chin on which I have little pigmentation spots.

I in fact have gone through phases: I once was so into a full face of makeup with the cult dark smokey eyes and pale lips, but for the past year I have ditched such look for the effortless approach of polished brows and precisely applied bold lips. It’s quite easy to maintain this way especially since I constantly touch my face and rub my eyes (I know skincare fanatics out there are praying for this to never happen to anyone, but I’m your biggest nightmare).


Lolita Lempicka is my life! It’s honestly the scent that I always come back to no matter how great other scents are. It’s my very first proper fragrance purchase, so maybe that’s why, but I love this very warm and oriental apple-shaped bottle. I have collected a few that I really like (Lolita Lempicka, Chopard Wish, Bvlgari Jasmine Noir to name a few). Lately I don’t really wear any though due to my sensitivity resulted from my past extensive medical treatments. The ones on my radar are Jean Paul Gaultier Classique and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Oh and those Byredo ones, Rose of No Man’s Land, anyone? I might do the splurge, who knows?


I’ve been painting my nails religiously for years, I feel naked without having some sort of colors on. I find great comfort in having dark nail polishes, whether it’s pure black or dark blues and greens. I’m not particularly into any specific brands, as long as the colors are great, say, glittery or chrome-like ones are my faves. I rarely match my manicure with my pedicure, so when they do, a zombie apocalypse is on the rise!


God how I hate accessories! Nobody can have the chance to spot me in accessories except for a few occasions that I completely went nuts. I would rather use the colors/prints on my jackets or shoes or bags to make a statement. I like combining different pieces from different styles to create my unique look, but most of the time it’s jeans with plain t-shirt paired with a bomber jacket and slip-ons or boots. I sometimes wear super tight bodycon dress with combat boots and used to wear dress with sneakers – the trend that has kicked off this past year – consider me revolutionary. Most of my t-shirts and jackets are borrowed from the boys – like how simple and easy to pair they are, opposed to the very feminine cuts that most shops for girls offer. I love being androgynous, ya know? It’s important to create a connection between my clothes and body, so a coordinating lip color is the easiest solution. If my clothes are plain black but my jacket has orange flowers on it, then orange or orange-based red lipstick it is for the day. Sometimes I like to play with colors too, say, a blue shirt and bright fuchsia. Life is about taking risks, eh?


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