A Thailand Diary

So I took the plunge and booked a trip to Thailand at the last minute – with me came a friend and her brother and off we three went to explore the country that’s known for its multicultural and colorful community. We arrived at Don Mueng airport then took a taxi to our hotel which was in Khaosan to begin our adventures. We chose Bangkok and Pattaya, but I would looooove to visit Phuket and Chiang Mai as well, maybe another time.

BANGKOK for all the pagoda visiting and shopping needs. Seriously, the number of shopping centers and products are overwhelming and it took all of my consciousness and self-control to stay within my budget but it was worth the window-shopping spree.

They never really knew that they could dance like that

Grand Palace: I sported a white blouse with cacti prints and Nike sporting shorts and was required to put on something with more coverage (I wonder if it counted if I used some MAC Face & Body foundation to cover my legs – totally legit coverage eh? 😂) so there I was having to put on a pair of stupid pants, but it was so helpful in combating with the heat. If I am to be able to use only one word to describe the place, it’s ENORMOUS. We walked through and through so many sections, each of them are so Instagram-worthy that even a camera-shy person like me had to give in and took several pictures. There’s something about the gold background that made each photo extra shiny (I know I know) and joyful.


China Town: funnily our tuk-tuk dropped us off img_6784the vegan food section so we were complaining the whole time why we were so out of luck (such kind of food isn’t our absolute preference) but hey ho! walk more, baby, and find the street longer than any goodbyes (no wonder it’s the biggest China Town in the whole world). Funny thing is there was mostly just Thai signs, not much Chinese, I’ve no idea why. It seemed like many Thais worked and lived there too, not just Chinese. It wasn’t as great as I hoped for, though, not colorful and vivacious and other towns in other countries. I however tried the ever-famous sticky rice with mango treat and I must say it’s total trash. Who’d ever recommend this shit, really?

Wat Traimit: spent an hour there to look at a solid gold Buddha statue – yeah that’s it.img_6769

Siam Center + Square: the place of my damn dreams – I visited a Sephora! Yeah bitches yeah a Sephora! It wasn’t a huge selection, but enough to satisfy the beauty aficionado inside me and I got to try loads of things. First impression: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder is hella shimmery for all over the face, Becca Champaign Pop is dull compared to Opal and the Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick samples are completely beaten up. Inside the buildings there was a Loft in which a huge selection of Steamcream tins were displayed and I was seriously tempted. It’s not really suitable for my skin type, but… I’m gonna contemplate. There was a Boots too so I went ham and bought a few Soap & Glory body things but no makeup – can you believe that? I can’t even believe – swatched everything and none could work on my complexion. What do you say S&G about your shade selection? In all seriousness, I can go from counter to counter in Siam Center and be the happiest creature in the world.

Makeup Heavens!!!

Big C: what did I buy but snacks and two bars of Dove Beauty Bar? 😂 It’s OK to buy Thai snacks as gifts though, people love such things. I was also able to snatch some Essence brows products because this girl wants and needs and wishes her brows to be on fleek, period.

Khaosan: loads of home-made open bars in which there were just small stands with music from a computer blasting. Not much to enjoy there but hey – you gotta try everything! There was a very cool guy at the corner of the street selling Bob Marley-everything. It seems lots of Thai people like Bob Marley, or they simply like the color pattern, who knows.

Chatuchak Weekend Market: we were in the hunt for cute panties but there was none! Even though the market is huge, the selection of products was the same boot by boot but we were able to snatch some cheap-ass sunglasses. I opted for a reflective huge one that covers half of my face but I like staying anonymous sometimes, plus it helps covering my under eye bags so… 😂 I spotted a lot of handmade scented soaps and thought of buying some but again, everyone who visits Thailand comes back with a shitload of soaps so that ain’t my plan. I also saw a parade of people dressed in characters such as Predator, Cat Woman, Batman and there was even a Batmobile, not bad for a timing.

PATTAYA for all ya freaks out there who want to come to see decadent acts and sexy shows (and loads of beautiful girls calling ya name). We chose to stay near Jomtien beach so basically we were Vietnamese traveling to Thailand and living in a Russian inn 😂 and probably we were the only tenants. On the way from the central bus station to our inn we were in a Xoong Theo (a kind of car) and met a cute guy from China but looked hella like Indian. He was traveling alone in his early 20s that tempted me to begin my own adventure as well. We didn’t have much time there so we could only visit two places but they are close to each other for our convenience.img_6799

Coral Island: we took a ferry to the island then straight to Samae beach and spent some time eating seafood, watching girls in bikinis bathing (yeah I’m a creep) and enjoying some me-time. I honestly was napping almost the whole time but it was worth it. I’m  not particularly interested in bathing, I’m more a bikini-and-walking-around-the-beach kinda person. Have I said that I’m quite an attention seeker? However, I must work on my abs, they’re suffocating under my fat 😦

Being the creep that I am
Being the creep that I am (sorry Arnie)

Walking Street: we were there around 6pm but it was too early so we took a walk to a nearby plaza and took loads of photos. It was Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! place but we just took pictures with a few wax figures. My particular favorites are the Joker (Jack Nicholson version) and Terminator and I might act like a creep (again) but ya can’t hold back yo personality!
Then around 10 we came back to the street and woooo that place is crowded (imagine saying so in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice). We saw loads of girls (obviously), were invited to watch sexy shows (naturally) that were performed in almost every club but resorted to having a half-an-hour foot massage session then went to a bar in which a band was performing classic rock songs (my jam). The lead guitar guy looked eerily like Kirk Hammett and his skills were almost compatible. I must say it was the best bar I’ve ever been to! Highlight of the Walking Street: girls girls girls 😂.

Poked some fun (I know I know)

“And poor guys stay home” – the brother said

Bits to remember:

  1. If you’re fragile and can’t keep up with all the moving and walking and heat, you’re fucked
  2. Thai food is usually hot and sour (and no chili sauce available for all those fried and grilled dishes)
  3. Eating and hotel staying are cheap, but transporting is hella expensive
  4. Almost everyone smells like jasmine soaps
  5. Bargaining is key when it comes to everything
  6. Despite being a traveling destination, not many people are that good at English, so don’t be grammatically correct, just straight to the point

This seems to be the first spark of the fire: I’m sooooo want to explore more places! So many places both domestically and internationally that I wish to visit start to revolve around me. I’m planning to visit Cambodia next year and Singapore the year after, then loads of domestic trips throughout the year (I’m talking about Hue, Dalat and Vung Tau for the last months of this year, and probably Hanoi within the next 2 weeks to attend Monsoon festival). Who knows, I will be one of the wanderlusts, we shall see.


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