Sounds Like A Good Plan

We get it, Augusta, you’re tired all the time. You’re tired of all the tasks at work, the horrible commute, the pollution, the universe’s unfairness and tired of being tired. Alright. But there’s always the one-way ticket you take whenever you want to unwind and have a bit of relaxation and energy recharge. Augusta, tell us your secret…

have-some-funBe alone

Stop reading if you’re the type of people who tremendously enjoy partying or going out. I like that too, once in a while, like going to a movie, hook up with some friends for an aimless chatter session, but when I want to totally relax, I need to be alone. I feel like human presence and interruption stops me from really concentrate in myself and my own relaxation.

Have a pampering routine that works for you

Mine is beauty-centered and is quite a complex one so I take portion(s) out of it, or when I’m in really deep troubles I will do the whole she-bang. I firmly believe that when you look beautiful, you’re more likely to feel beautiful. Mine is usually in this order, but even though my name is Phoenix (literal translation – see that Harry Potter reference, eh eh?), fuck orders, I do whatever order I feel like doing.

  • Take of my makeup using some micellar water
  • Exfoliate my face then cleanse thoroughly
  • Enjoy a mask, whether it’s a clay or a quick 15-minute wash-off one
  • Wash my face with either cold or warm water depending on my mood
  • Execute the whole layering skincare routine: toner, facial spray, serum, eye cream, moisturizer
  • Take of my current nail polish color, take care of my cuticles and nail shape, then perform some painting
  • While waiting for the polish to dry, eat some snack, watch some Youtube videos while swatching a shit-ton of lipsticks on either my arm or lips

As soon as negative thoughts kick in, switch to doing something

Having anxieties and mental issues as I do, it’s hard not to stay in peace. My usual soliloquy is “Fuck you negativity!” and start doing some shit like dancing to a stupid song (or headbanging, to be more precise) or watch some Vine compilations. Those harmless humor never fails to entertain. It seems doing physical movements interrupts my attention span and helps me focus on doing the moves only, not the thinking. If I’m extra good with my overall well-being I will do a yoga session, which I’ve been enjoying indescribably.

I will then spend the rest of the evening binge-watching Youtube videos: tutorials, GRWMs, chit-chats, MVs, Vines, etc. whatever floats my boat. There’s something about watching those girls and boys blending their eyeshadows to perfection that soothes my soul. I have literally gasped multiple times at the pigmentation of eyeshadows and highlighters (aficionado much?). And of course, who could forget about all the opera-training session? Being obsessed with Symphonic Metal and Tarja Turunen, I’ve spent most of my commute time (under my face mask) singing nonstop and trying to hit all those high notes. I must say that training is key, since before I couldn’t for the life of me sing the whole Sleeping Sun but now it’s a piece of cake. And I’m not talking about singing beautifully…


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