Getting Away With Look

Quick post today. As I was having lunch out with my colleagues, the topic of people easily getting away with almost everything in life surfaced and we were more than enthusiastic to discuss about it. There were only small talks and jokes but kept lingering in my mind. How many times have you seen sensational pictures or videos of conventionally “cute” people doing stupid shit but it all came down to “Oooohhhh how cute is that!”, be it a girl stuffing marshmallows in her mouth or a guy simply winking at you.

Think about how easy for those people to be considered as cute and able to be pardoned. Think about an “ugly” guy who winks at you and a “cute” one, won’t you automatically think “ewwww” about the ugly and “oh-em-gee” for the cute. Think about an “ugly” girl flirting at you to be considered “who the hell does she think she is!” and an “attractive” girl to be reciprocated. Being attractive and / or being attracted by equally attractive people boosts one’s ago and heightens one’s presumed value undoubtedly. It is understandable that people are automatically and unconsciously drawn to physically attractive people at first sight, regardless of what one person contains deep inside. Isn’t that what love at first sight is made of?Read More »


Keeping Up With Myself

Only the beginning of November y’all, but it already feels a lot like Christmas. I insist on not having “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in full blast though. No shade, but I un-lowkey have a strong feeling about Mariah Carey (only second to Taylor Swift – that girl kills my ears, they need some love too but not from you, thank you very much). And guess what, first time ever I am narcissistic enough to use my face as the blog entry’s featured image.

img_6976Five days ago marked the date I had my hair cut to a pixie and dyed dark ashy blond. Back to just before that my hair was a lot of inches past my shoulders and had a fading ombre of dark purply-red and coppery red. I hated the length and I hated the color. I wanted to have it dyed so badly but they couldn’t tone it so I had to go home utterly disappointed and distressed. The idea of the pixie cut just came out of nowhere and something inside me just urged me to give it ago. After all, it’s just hair and it will always grow back. I’m not talking about brow hairs though, they’re a bitch that never proceeds to keep on giving. (Side note: really digging this color – it seems to shift in tone all the time from warm brond to dark brown thanks to the remnants of that purply-red streaks to slightly metallic (I know this sounds weird) honey blond to true ashy blond).Read More »