Getting Away With Look

Quick post today. As I was having lunch out with my colleagues, the topic of people easily getting away with almost everything in life surfaced and we were more than enthusiastic to discuss about it. There were only small talks and jokes but kept lingering in my mind. How many times have you seen sensational pictures or videos of conventionally “cute” people doing stupid shit but it all came down to “Oooohhhh how cute is that!”, be it a girl stuffing marshmallows in her mouth or a guy simply winking at you.

Think about how easy for those people to be considered as cute and able to be pardoned. Think about an “ugly” guy who winks at you and a “cute” one, won’t you automatically think “ewwww” about the ugly and “oh-em-gee” for the cute. Think about an “ugly” girl flirting at you to be considered “who the hell does she think she is!” and an “attractive” girl to be reciprocated. Being attractive and / or being attracted by equally attractive people boosts one’s ago and heightens one’s presumed value undoubtedly. It is understandable that people are automatically and unconsciously drawn to physically attractive people at first sight, regardless of what one person contains deep inside. Isn’t that what love at first sight is made of?

From my personal experience, since I have had my new haircut, I see more and more people noticing me: many drew their heads to my direction when I entered that restaurant. People at work started to compliment and engage small talks to me. The guys at the parking lot started to ask about my motorbike’s model and help me out without me even asking even though I’ve been going to that gym for months. My yoga instructors paid more attention to me and started small talks. Generally, whenever I go, people pay more notice. Be it the newly boosted sense of confidence, or simply I’m different, and let me be a bit narcissistic here to say that I look much better and more attractive (God, how many more times can I write “attractive” in a single post?).

What’s alarming here is that good looking people are still more pardonable than less genetically blessed ones. Remember that male convict who got all the fan girls due to his fathomless blue eyes and model-like physique? People know he’s a criminal, yet he’s still become a sensation. Think about what it would be if he wasn’t that genetically blessed? Would you do the same? How many times is one deemed to be “clumsy” instead of “useless”, “nerdy” instead of “freak”, “confident” instead of “shameless”, “sexy” instead of “promiscuous”, the list goes on. Isn’t it true that what attractive people do is more pleasing and pardonable than others? Isn’t that what you’re guilty of, and is happening to you?


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