☃️ December Goals ☃️

Last month of 2016, also the most exciting, busy and expensive month out of these twelve. Never before has spending money and having an event-packed schedule been this exciting. Today I’m jotting down a list of things and goals to (hopefully) be ticked off to celebrate the end of this year with a blast and in preparation for a whole new exciting 2017!

🌟 Christmas shopping

Self-indulgences – I have already treated myself some amazing things that will be soon featured on this blog (I am hoping a few have already been delivered to my parents’ home), but generally it’s all skincare (bottles of The Ordinary from Deciem being one, *cough*) with only a sprinkle of makeup. Just kidding, I’ve just bought 6 new lipsticks as soon as my salary was transfered to my bank account. Talk about self-control 😂. In defense, though, last month I fought again temptations bravely (or mostly because I was running out of cash) so this month it’s a reward for myself, plus it’s totally within my calculated budget.

Christmas decorations to be bought too, for the sake of a less boring desk at work. I have gone on and on about transforming my desk to a mini winterland but for the past 3 years and a half working here mine is always a bore. However this shopping trip can turn out to be disastrous since the Christmas-fanatic in me would want to buy ALL THE THINGS!

A few things to avoid at all costs, though – for example the Giorgio Armani “Acqua di Gioia” perfume that I became smitten with especially after personally tried it on in a Sephora. No more clothing haul comes second since last month was filled with new clothes I cannot afford to buy anymore (2 pairs of jeans, 3 dresses and a pair of shoes!) and who knows, whatever not on this list of self-indulgences and decorations.

🌟 Go to watch all those exciting movies – 4 weeks 5 titles

A Monster Calls – 13/12: because Sigourney Weaver (I secretly wish I had such a unique/queer name). Despite not being my absolute favorite actress (that throne is firmly taken by Cate Blanchett), she’s always had such a charm and her choice of characters to portray is mostly always of good taste.
Rouge 1 – 20/12: Just mindless action-packed movie sometimes works like a champ in refreshing and putting my ever-working brain into a temporary idle mode.
Passenger – 27/12: Are Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence my favorites? No. Are they gonna be a great pairing with great dynamics? I doubt. How about a space-related movie with great visual effects? Well, probably. Remember what happened with Doctor Strange (well, apart from having all those amazing actors and actresses – Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Mads Mikkelsen & Tilda Swinton to be more specific)? The power of visual effects in camouflaging a weak storyline.
Assassin’s Creed / Allied – 03/01: Who wouldn’t want to watch Assassin’s Creed, seriously? And for those who wonder what the hell happened to Brangelina and if Marion was the reason, they will go nuts over this Allied title. Me being not one of them, but anyway. That’s why it comes only after Assassin’s Creed as a back-up option.

🌟 Travel to Vung Tau with friends and/or to Dalat with my brother

We talked about going to the beach as a weekend getaway way back in the beginning of September and now it’s the perfect time to make it a reality. We’ve been friends for so long but surprisingly haven’t gone to a trip together so a short time being in the sun, sand & sea only 300km away seems to be perfect. And what can be better than enjoying Christmas air, not in this damn hot and humid weather but a cold, pure and peaceful atmosphere in the highland? Plus both I and my brother have never been there, so, well, I guess I’ve just persuaded myself to go immediately.

🌟 Finish reading Jane Austen’s “Lady Susan & Other Stories”

Yesterday I and my friends went to the book street and I was able to spot this volume amongst walls and walls of books. Jane Austen’s works have always been a firm favorite type of mine given that Emma is my most loved book ever, scouting the very last stories from hers was a dream come true. This book contains a few shorts and/or unfinished works of hers that are sure to give my brain and thirst for literature a feast.

🌟 Finish another one or two drawings with Milla Jovovich being one

I have come back to drawing and have finished two so far: one being a very gothic-like model with bleached brows and razor-sharp cheekbones and the other is a girl with a dragonfly on her lips (her eyes are a tad too big and out of proportion, though *sighs*). I thought I would never be able to draw again but seeing myself being capable of creating something pleasing to the eyes has surely tempted me to replicate the experiences for many more times to come.

So this is more or less what are going to be done this month. Ahhhh we will come back to this later to see if they will have been indeed fulfilled and if December will indeed have been a good sport. Bis später! ❄️❄️❄️


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