Single Bells

It might sound shocking even to myself that this is the first (and probably not last) Christmas being single in 6 years. Six years! I had been constantly in relationships since my second year in university so Christmas always involved all those significant others. However, after all the experiences, thick and thin, happinesses and sorrows, this time, it involves only one significant me.

It feels strange indeed to celebrate this time of year being a single person, not being or close-to-being in a relationship. In fact we didn’t do anything particular, but the feelings and all the thinkings about what to gift and how to spend the day had been quite engraved in my brain. This time, it’s all about me, because, after all, nobody loves me like me.

I decided to mark this milestone (oh fuck it, what’s wrong with being single anyways?) by breaking the habit of celebrating Christmas either at home or with a partner, but instead spending a good time in the highlands with my brother. It’s never been cold during Christmas where I live, and since it’s never a true Christmas without coldness, a new experience is so very welcomed. This should be the first time of me traveling to such highlands, and so of my brother – first timers we are! I’m already thinking of what to wear to appear bright and tasteful in pictures (but not freezing)… a breath of fresh cold air, and a fresh but warm me.


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