An Achievable New Year’s Resolution

Being one who doesn’t really making lists of resolutions whenever a new year approaches, this time I wanted to break the habit so here it comes. I’m not going super harsh on myself since I will most likely fail miserably, so a fairly easy and realistic aspects this list contains:

► Read at least a book / month
► Watch at least 2 movies / month (to the movie theater)
► Listen to at least a new album / month
► Draw at least one picture / month
► Go to yoga class at least 3 times / week
► Buy only 2-3 lipsticks / month
► Have a whole pamper routine at least once / month
► Take better care of my skin
► Only use my current perfumes, no new addition
► Learn guitar
► Learn German (complete the Duolingo’s course)
► Learn to do nails
► Immigrate to Australia

The last one seems to be absolutely out of context, but it’s exactly what I’m going to do. Quarter-life crisis eh? We will come to that later…