March’s Memos

Another fucking month! That’s how you get old so quickly, people. Time’s ruthless.

However,  March’s been a highly productive month especially the first 2 weeks that basically made up for the other half month of literal hibernation.


Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier) – I was in a thriller books rut and after a quick browse on Goodreads I landed upon this book, which apart from being rated highly, reminds me a little too much of Hannibal’s accomplice in the TV series – Bedelia du Maurier (or maybe this name was inspired by this author, who’s in the thriller field herself? – edit: it was indeed inspired). After such racy reads of modern thriller books, it was refreshing to enjoy slower paces and style, which was more of my preference to classic books. I quite enjoyed the book, but in all honestly I didn’t find it exceptional, especially the bond between Mr and Mrs de Winter, it just seemed odd and forced to me. Mrs de Winter is pale, forgettable and does not have many qualities except being nice and naive, and those characters alone captured Mr de Winter? Yeah totally. Apart from that, the descriptions of scents, places and humans were rich and imaginative, which I always rate highly on.Read More »