Sounds Like A Good Plan

We get it, Augusta, you’re tired all the time. You’re tired of all the tasks at work, the horrible commute, the pollution, the universe’s unfairness and tired of being tired. Alright. But there’s always the one-way ticket you take whenever you want to unwind and have a bit of relaxation and energy recharge. Augusta, tell us your secret…

have-some-funBe alone

Stop reading if you’re the type of people who tremendously enjoy partying or going out. I like that too, once in a while, like going to a movie, hook up with some friends for an aimless chatter session, but when I want to totally relax, I need to be alone. I feel like human presence and interruption stops me from really concentrate in myself and my own relaxation.

Have a pampering routine that works for you

Mine is beauty-centered and is quite a complex one so I take portion(s) out of it, or when I’m in really deep troubles I will do the whole she-bang. I firmly believe that when you look beautiful, you’re more likely to feel beautiful. Mine is usually in this order, but even though my name is Phoenix (literal translation – see that Harry Potter reference, eh eh?), fuck orders, I do whatever order I feel like doing.Read More »


In The Quest Of Being Beautiful

Seriously, the answer (or the pot at the end of the rainbow) is that simple: GIVE FEWER FUCKS. Who really pays attention to your look (only if you’re working in the beauty-related industry)? Maybe they do, but only for a split second, it’s only you who care and like me, constantly glance at the mirror to see whether the lipstick I put on earlier in the morning has at all feathered outside the lip lines.


However, being a devoted reader of Into The Gloss, I’m pretending to be featured in their #topshelf or #topshelfie and share my complete and honest beauty routine that I struggle to keep up with most of the time. I like to be presentable in the sense that I appear to be healthy and well put together, not necessarily a full face of beat makeup, so I’m always in for a little effortless approach when it comes to beauty (or it’s just my laziness, don’t lie no mo).

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