March’s Memos

Another fucking month! That’s how you get old so quickly, people. Time’s ruthless.

However,  March’s been a highly productive month especially the first 2 weeks that basically made up for the other half month of literal hibernation.


Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier) – I was in a thriller books rut and after a quick browse on Goodreads I landed upon this book, which apart from being rated highly, reminds me a little too much of Hannibal’s accomplice in the TV series – Bedelia du Maurier (or maybe this name was inspired by this author, who’s in the thriller field herself? – edit: it was indeed inspired). After such racy reads of modern thriller books, it was refreshing to enjoy slower paces and style, which was more of my preference to classic books. I quite enjoyed the book, but in all honestly I didn’t find it exceptional, especially the bond between Mr and Mrs de Winter, it just seemed odd and forced to me. Mrs de Winter is pale, forgettable and does not have many qualities except being nice and naive, and those characters alone captured Mr de Winter? Yeah totally. Apart from that, the descriptions of scents, places and humans were rich and imaginative, which I always rate highly on.Read More »


Here’s to February

When the post’s title takes direct inspiration from a song in Kamelot’s Haven…

January was an absolute blur, with most days spent in either holidays (we had 2 major holidays within only one month – New Year and Lunar New Year) or anticipation and preparations for such; so it’s safe to say I didn’t have quite the most productive and eventful month ever apart from loads of new shoes and days off spent with family and close friends. Sounds great, doesn’t it, and it indeed was a damn good time; even though the resolutions I had created were neglected ruthlessly.

February, however, is a month of high productivity and developments. Let’s start by jotting down what I have had accomplished and what I failed:Read More »

An Achievable New Year’s Resolution

Being one who doesn’t really making lists of resolutions whenever a new year approaches, this time I wanted to break the habit so here it comes. I’m not going super harsh on myself since I will most likely fail miserably, so a fairly easy and realistic aspects this list contains:

► Read at least a book / month
► Watch at least 2 movies / month (to the movie theater)
► Listen to at least a new album / month
► Draw at least one picture / month
► Go to yoga class at least 3 times / week
► Buy only 2-3 lipsticks / month
► Have a whole pamper routine at least once / month
► Take better care of my skin
► Only use my current perfumes, no new addition
► Learn guitar
► Learn German (complete the Duolingo’s course)
► Learn to do nails
► Immigrate to Australia

The last one seems to be absolutely out of context, but it’s exactly what I’m going to do. Quarter-life crisis eh? We will come to that later…

Single Bells

It might sound shocking even to myself that this is the first (and probably not last) Christmas being single in 6 years. Six years! I had been constantly in relationships since my second year in university so Christmas always involved all those significant others. However, after all the experiences, thick and thin, happinesses and sorrows, this time, it involves only one significant me.

It feels strange indeed to celebrate this time of year being a single person, not being or close-to-being in a relationship. In fact we didn’t do anything particular, but the feelings and all the thinkings about what to gift and how to spend the day had been quite engraved in my brain. This time, it’s all about me, because, after all, nobody loves me like me.

I decided to mark this milestone (oh fuck it, what’s wrong with being single anyways?) by breaking the habit of celebrating Christmas either at home or with a partner, but instead spending a good time in the highlands with my brother. It’s never been cold during Christmas where I live, and since it’s never a true Christmas without coldness, a new experience is so very welcomed. This should be the first time of me traveling to such highlands, and so of my brother – first timers we are! I’m already thinking of what to wear to appear bright and tasteful in pictures (but not freezing)… a breath of fresh cold air, and a fresh but warm me.

☃️ December Goals ☃️

Last month of 2016, also the most exciting, busy and expensive month out of these twelve. Never before has spending money and having an event-packed schedule been this exciting. Today I’m jotting down a list of things and goals to (hopefully) be ticked off to celebrate the end of this year with a blast and in preparation for a whole new exciting 2017!

🌟 Christmas shopping

Self-indulgences – I have already treated myself some amazing things that will be soon featured on this blog (I am hoping a few have already been delivered to my parents’ home), but generally it’s all skincare (bottles of The Ordinary from Deciem being one, *cough*) with only a sprinkle of makeup. Just kidding, I’ve just bought 6 new lipsticks as soon as my salary was transfered to my bank account. Talk about self-control 😂. In defense, though, last month I fought again temptations bravely (or mostly because I was running out of cash) so this month it’s a reward for myself, plus it’s totally within my calculated budget.

Christmas decorations to be bought too, for the sake of a less boring desk at work. I have gone on and on about transforming my desk to a mini winterland but for the past 3 years and a half working here mine is always a bore. However this shopping trip can turn out to be disastrous since the Christmas-fanatic in me would want to buy ALL THE THINGS!

A few things to avoid at all costs, though – for example the Giorgio Armani “Acqua di Gioia” perfume that I became smitten with especially after personally tried it on in a Sephora. No more clothing haul comes second since last month was filled with new clothes I cannot afford to buy anymore (2 pairs of jeans, 3 dresses and a pair of shoes!) and who knows, whatever not on this list of self-indulgences and decorations.

Read More »

November In Recap & What’s To Come

November has surely gone away much faster than I thought. In fact, the whole eleven months of 2016 have done the same thing: we started the year thinking there would be plenty of time ahead but boom! now it’s the first day of December. I feel like being played, seriously. Is this how I get old day by day without myself even realizing? Scared? Yes. Excited? Hell yes! Let’s do some recap, dennoch (we will come to that later), for the shake of documenting my overly eventful month in preparation for the very last month and who knows, maybe appreciate it and live slower a little bit.

I made a big decision relationship-wise and now I feel better and more independent than ever. I used to be the one who wrote on my diary’s first page: Life Goals – Stay Single. Yep, that was me, circa before my two relationships that altogether lasted 5 years. Augusta V.2011 was almost like V.2016, going full circle it seems. The differences are, though, that now I know what love means and its power, but it’s not necessary to be with it at all times. Now I’m calmer and more of a believer in destiny. I can smile whenever seeing happy couples while being alone, but certainly not lonely.Read More »

Getting Away With Look

Quick post today. As I was having lunch out with my colleagues, the topic of people easily getting away with almost everything in life surfaced and we were more than enthusiastic to discuss about it. There were only small talks and jokes but kept lingering in my mind. How many times have you seen sensational pictures or videos of conventionally “cute” people doing stupid shit but it all came down to “Oooohhhh how cute is that!”, be it a girl stuffing marshmallows in her mouth or a guy simply winking at you.

Think about how easy for those people to be considered as cute and able to be pardoned. Think about an “ugly” guy who winks at you and a “cute” one, won’t you automatically think “ewwww” about the ugly and “oh-em-gee” for the cute. Think about an “ugly” girl flirting at you to be considered “who the hell does she think she is!” and an “attractive” girl to be reciprocated. Being attractive and / or being attracted by equally attractive people boosts one’s ago and heightens one’s presumed value undoubtedly. It is understandable that people are automatically and unconsciously drawn to physically attractive people at first sight, regardless of what one person contains deep inside. Isn’t that what love at first sight is made of?Read More »