Keeping Up With Myself

Only the beginning of November y’all, but it already feels a lot like Christmas. I insist on not having “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in full blast though. No shade, but I un-lowkey have a strong feeling about Mariah Carey (only second to Taylor Swift – that girl kills my ears, they need some love too but not from you, thank you very much). And guess what, first time ever I am narcissistic enough to use my face as the blog entry’s featured image.

img_6976Five days ago marked the date I had my hair cut to a pixie and dyed dark ashy blond. Back to just before that my hair was a lot of inches past my shoulders and had a fading ombre of dark purply-red and coppery red. I hated the length and I hated the color. I wanted to have it dyed so badly but they couldn’t tone it so I had to go home utterly disappointed and distressed. The idea of the pixie cut just came out of nowhere and something inside me just urged me to give it ago. After all, it’s just hair and it will always grow back. I’m not talking about brow hairs though, they’re a bitch that never proceeds to keep on giving. (Side note: really digging this color – it seems to shift in tone all the time from warm brond to dark brown thanks to the remnants of that purply-red streaks to slightly metallic (I know this sounds weird) honey blond to true ashy blond).Read More »


The Rush

It’s strange to see yourself changing, for a long period everything seems to be on freeze and out of a sudden, all the ideas and plans and goals keep blooming and popping up. I have spent a good 25 years of my life leading an uneventful lifestyle apart from some occasional rebellions that in fact were limited within the circle of existential fears of social norms and personal laziness. There’s no denying that I’ve always been too lazy to participate in exciting things. I used my part time job (which was house keeping at the time) as an excuse to avoid going to fairs and take the interpreter’s role, valuing my me-time (which always include the monotonous activities such as painting nails and watching either movies or videos) over social happenings. I’ve always told myself against going to Rock Storm festivals for so many consecutive years with the reason that the bands performing were boring while in fact I myself was the boredom. I denied immigrating to Australia because I was waiting for my boyfriend at the time to marry me, which, neither happened. In short, I was lazy and knew nothing better than those small immediate comforts.

Fast forward to this very month when I consciously started to acknowledge the changes that have already happened for so long but I refused to realize, in how I think and function as human being. There are many with different levels of significance, but they define me as a person and who I am, now. This makes me question my prejudice that I would never change (a bold statement back then, now I feel like kicking my own butt for what I said) and that how much I will change in the coming years. Life seems to be a continuous journey of changes, learnings and improvements whether I consciously seek for them, or they just come totally unexpected.Read More »

A Dream Of 8 Years

This October 23 marked the historic day that I finally could attend my very first (and probably last) Scorpions concert. I can still vividly remember my yearning for them to perform here for the very special day of August 8, 2008 – which was a little over eight years ago (!!!). In fact I had been a fan much longer than that which could be dated back to my last year in secondary school, so it’s safe to say that I had become a fan since when I was 14 years old – and now I’m 25.

Scorpions has always been special to me even though I don’t follow them as much as I use to – they introduced me to the Rock scene. Since then I’ve discovered so much wonderful music, made loads of friends and most of all it has somewhat defined my personality. I can blame it and I can’t, but all in all it’s a part of my identity and will always be. I was truly the definition of being a fanatic, and I could spend my free time remembering their albums’ names and release year. I still listen to their old materials every now and then and find waves of emotions evading – that’s what good music does to the soul.

Back to the beginning of August when my friends from up North messaged me that Scorpions would very likely be joining Monsoon festival, I was indifferent: I haven’t followed them much anymore and the travel would take so much money and effort, so I resorted in not going. Decided. Period. But then there were so many things happening that I decided I should somewhat break free and do something different that could hopefully change my mind for the better – I traveled to Thailand – and came back so fresh a mind and a yearning to be on the move. Again on a whim I booked my plane tickets, my hotel room and the concert ticket and off I went to Hanoi for a stay of 3 days. It’s quite a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and somewhat to put a realization of my old days’ dream. At first I only wanted to be there to attend the concert, but heck, why shouldn’t I do a little tourist rituals too (visiting places and shit, that is)?Read More »

The Lone Traveler

Within only a month I once again took the plunge and went traveling from the South to the far North to attend the dreamy Scorpions concert and also employ the chance to wander around the city (Hanoi). Multitasking much? However, this time it was entirely different because I went there all alone and spent most of my time exploring the streets and corners all by myself. Surprise of the day: as being always afraid of being lonely, I actually enjoyed the whole trip and learned lots of valuable things as well as personal revelations along the way.

The newfound independence

I’m no way familiar with how traveling by air works, but I fortunately had no problems about checking in, getting to the plane and then taking bus to the city (the airport is about 35km away from the city) – back and forth. During my stay, with the precious help of Google Maps and the locals, I was able to go to everywhere I wanted, mostly by walking. I used to feel only safe in strange places when I’m with someone – anyone – but this time I took charge of my life and decided to do what I wanted, where to visit and when – no need to be dependent on my companion(s)’s plan. It’s not at all easy, that’s for sure, and it takes lots of research before hand. The only thing is not to let myself be lazy and lounging around the hotel room all day. Instead, stand up, put a little bright lipstick on and ready to hit the roads.Read More »

Sounds Like A Good Plan

We get it, Augusta, you’re tired all the time. You’re tired of all the tasks at work, the horrible commute, the pollution, the universe’s unfairness and tired of being tired. Alright. But there’s always the one-way ticket you take whenever you want to unwind and have a bit of relaxation and energy recharge. Augusta, tell us your secret…

have-some-funBe alone

Stop reading if you’re the type of people who tremendously enjoy partying or going out. I like that too, once in a while, like going to a movie, hook up with some friends for an aimless chatter session, but when I want to totally relax, I need to be alone. I feel like human presence and interruption stops me from really concentrate in myself and my own relaxation.

Have a pampering routine that works for you

Mine is beauty-centered and is quite a complex one so I take portion(s) out of it, or when I’m in really deep troubles I will do the whole she-bang. I firmly believe that when you look beautiful, you’re more likely to feel beautiful. Mine is usually in this order, but even though my name is Phoenix (literal translation – see that Harry Potter reference, eh eh?), fuck orders, I do whatever order I feel like doing.Read More »

A Thailand Diary

So I took the plunge and booked a trip to Thailand at the last minute – with me came a friend and her brother and off we three went to explore the country that’s known for its multicultural and colorful community. We arrived at Don Mueng airport then took a taxi to our hotel which was in Khaosan to begin our adventures. We chose Bangkok and Pattaya, but I would looooove to visit Phuket and Chiang Mai as well, maybe another time.

BANGKOK for all the pagoda visiting and shopping needs. Seriously, the number of shopping centers and products are overwhelming and it took all of my consciousness and self-control to stay within my budget but it was worth the window-shopping spree.

They never really knew that they could dance like that

Grand Palace: I sported a white blouse with cacti prints and Nike sporting shorts and was required to put on something with more coverage (I wonder if it counted if I used some MAC Face & Body foundation to cover my legs – totally legit coverage eh? 😂) so there I was having to put on a pair of stupid pants, but it was so helpful in combating with the heat. If I am to be able to use only one word to describe the place, it’s ENORMOUS. We walked through and through so many sections, each of them are so Instagram-worthy that even a camera-shy person like me had to give in and took several pictures. There’s something about the gold background that made each photo extra shiny (I know I know) and joyful.

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In The Quest Of Being Beautiful

Seriously, the answer (or the pot at the end of the rainbow) is that simple: GIVE FEWER FUCKS. Who really pays attention to your look (only if you’re working in the beauty-related industry)? Maybe they do, but only for a split second, it’s only you who care and like me, constantly glance at the mirror to see whether the lipstick I put on earlier in the morning has at all feathered outside the lip lines.


However, being a devoted reader of Into The Gloss, I’m pretending to be featured in their #topshelf or #topshelfie and share my complete and honest beauty routine that I struggle to keep up with most of the time. I like to be presentable in the sense that I appear to be healthy and well put together, not necessarily a full face of beat makeup, so I’m always in for a little effortless approach when it comes to beauty (or it’s just my laziness, don’t lie no mo).

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